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Louise Grundy BA(Hons)

Paper Mache, Mixed media

Recently my work has been changing from 2D textiles to 3D paper mache which I have combined with my other passion, family history. I have started a series of heads which are based on family members to illustrate their stories.
I am also challenging myself by doing sculptures of famous people the Queen and Margret Thatcher and Harold Wilson which have been exhibited locally.
I also do commissions.
I love doing this work I think I have found my art form.

Exhibition at Cranleigh Arts Centre till 1st July 10-4.30 Tuesday to Saturdays
I do comissions and my own work.

art work for sale, Commissions

Visitors welcome by appointment

mobile: 07941640143


social media:

See also Fee Fraser BEd (Hons) MAR.

  • Louise Grundy, Harold Wilson @ AppArt
  • Louise Grundy, Margret Thatcher @AppArt Sold
  • Louise Grundy, Grandpa Reg and me at Face to Face Exhibition Cranleigh Arts Centre till 1st July
  • Louise Grundy, Commission of Evelyn
  • Louise Grundy, Little Grandpa
  • Louise Grundy, Hurbert
  • Louise Grundy, Great Great Grandma Martha