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Malcolm West amns

Painter / Sculptor

SAOS Open Studios 2020 I work in many different mediums. Flitting from sculpture to painting to drawing. Each of these can be sub-divided into different areas of interest. Sculpture - figurative, classical, dance, portraiture - in terracotta, bronze, bronze resin, stone. Paintings and drawings - figurative, dance, portrait landscape, murals - in oil, mosaic, pastel, pencil, ink. But in all I endeavour to produce a work of beauty, colour, elegance, movement, proportion and design. Come and see for yourself.

Commissions welcome and artwork for sale.

Street parking available, disabled access.

Visitors welcome by appointment

26 Burhill Road



KT12 4JF

tel: 01932 228720

mobile: 07977 508138



  • Malcolm West, Head Girl
  • Malcolm West, The Amaphi drive
  • Malcolm West, Prime Minister of Barbados
  • Malcolm West, The Corsair, pas de deux
  • Malcolm West, Mercy
  • Malcolm West, Noon
  • Malcolm West, Tango Morais
  • Malcolm West, Icarus
  • Malcolm West, Icarus Rising
  • Malcolm West, The 3 Graces
  • Malcolm West, Flora
  • Malcolm West, Smooth Penguin