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Mark Laird

Glass Artist

SAOS Open Studios 2020 I'm a glass artist working with fused and lampworked glass. I make functional glass such as bowls and jewellery as well as decorative art pieces.

Commisions welcome and workshops available

Visitors welcome by appointment

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  • Mark Laird, Fused Glass Lillies
  • Mark Laird, Fused Glass Lattice Bowl
  • Mark Laird, Mosaic Glass Bowl
  • Mark Laird, Reactive Glass Shallow Dish
  • Mark Laird, Glass Garden Poppy and Suncatchers
  • Mark Laird, Forest Walk
  • Mark Laird, Horsechestnut in summer colour
  • Mark Laird, Seaside Picture - this is also a workshop
  • Mark Laird, Poppy field in the summer
  • Mark Laird, Sample selection of evening and full day workshops
  • Mark Laird, Assorted coasters
  • Mark Laird, Shallow dish in pink and green fused glass