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Mary Kaun-English BA (hons), SSS

Ceramic Sculptor

Mary's recent work includes hand built clay vessels and sculptures which are influenced by the ancient North American Indians; her biological forefathers. The second firing of these pieces occurs in an open fire; more frequently happening on the Cornish shoreline. Exposing the porous clay to the smoke of the burning organic materials used to fuel the fire. The results are organic vessels and sculptures painted by nature herself. Mary's work is held in galleries throughout England and her work is featured in Pit Firing Ceramics: Modern Methods, Ancient Traditions by Dr Dawn Whitehand.

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Portland Studios

32 The Glade



KT22 9TH

tel: 01372 450525

mobile: 07956 463162



  • Mary Kaun-English, Bulwark
  • Mary Kaun-English, Fortune
  • Mary Kaun-English, Vessel
  • Mary Kaun-English, Praise
  • Mary Kaun-English, INUKSHUK III
  • Mary Kaun-English, ADVOCATE
  • Mary Kaun-English, INUKSHUK I