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Melody Sills

Ceramic artist

I have always had a fascination with the intricate structures that surround us either manmade, or from nature. Fine and ornate metal latticework, hand woven lace, the roots and branches of trees or the delicate intricacies of a spider's web. I find these intricate structures, the interplay between the positive and negative spaces and the light that shines through them compelling and take inspiration from them and reflect these interests in the delicate translucency of my ceramics.
Something so fragile and delicate but by the nature of its construction forms an inner strength and resilience.

commissions welcome, pottery workshops, one-one or groups, Childrens parties, ceramics for sale

Parking in drive for 3 cars, or in South Ave nearby, disabled access but 2 small steps which could be negotiated by a wheelchair.

Visitors welcome by appointment

11 Farnborough Road




tel: 01252408166

mobile: 07943394097



  • Melody Sills, Large Porcelain lace platter
  • Melody Sills, Two white teamugs
  • Melody Sills, Good results glaze firing
  • Melody Sills, White tea mugs with water beakers
  • Melody Sills, 3 Porcelain beakers
  • Melody Sills, Thrown porcelain with new spun platter
  • Melody Sills, Marble porcelain bowls with beaker
  • Melody Sills, New thrown range with cups and jug
  • Melody Sills, New thrown porcelain range 1
  • Melody Sills, Edge of lace platter
  • Melody Sills, Translucency
  • Melody Sills, Large bowl with pale green glaze