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Meryl Hayes

Eclectic artist

168 SAOS Open Studios 2019 From seed heads to the birds in the trees; whether it be watercolours, printing or all things textile, my inspiration nearly always comes from the natural world, often just outside in my garden.
As well as painting, textiles and printing, I love ecoprinting with flowers and leaves. The leaves are wrapped in fabric and steamed: the shapes and colours they make on fabric are always unpredictable and often beautiful.

Visitors welcome by appointment

  • Meryl Hayes, Sunflower
  • Meryl Hayes, Jangle Banlges
  • Meryl Hayes, eco#1
  • Meryl Hayes, Snowdrops
  • Meryl Hayes, Birch 2
  • Meryl Hayes, Felted bowls
  • Meryl Hayes, Grape hyacinths
  • Meryl Hayes, Lapwings
  • Meryl Hayes, Robin
  • Meryl Hayes, Tulips
  • Meryl Hayes, Westminster Bridge
  • Meryl Hayes, Allium