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Nicky Chubb


SAOS Open Studios 2020 My paintings are essentially optimistic, I try to ensure that they convey a sense of hope and happiness. I'm inspired by bold skies, bright flowers, trees, & dramatic land & sea, using mixed media to create structure, texture & depth. Old textiles are a great influence. My other work includes collages & prints of landscapes & flowers, and mixed media life drawings / nudes which explore the play of colour & light on skin. I'm a full time artist & exhibit in Galleries and at Art Fairs across the UK and in Europe.

Visitors: welcome to visit me all year round by appointment.

Artwork for sale, commissions welcome

Free parking, credit cards accepted

Visitors welcome by appointment

40 Eight Acres

Beacon Hill



GU26 6RZ

tel: 07519389856

mobile: 07519389856



social media:

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