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Paul Wilcocks


Always interested in wood and its design capabilities, I trained initially at Millers Dale in Yorkshire and subsequently with the internationally renowned turner Melvyn Firmager.
During the last twenty five years I have successfully exhibited work locally and in London. Rarely working to a preconceived design, I try to develop the shape, pattern and colour which is alive in each piece of selected timber. The final form of every creation is a discovery achieved during the process of turning or carving. Each piece is unique.

Commissions welcome and artwork for sale

Parking available

Visitors welcome by appointment

Bell House, Wigmore

Ockley Road

Beare Green

Nr Dorking



tel: 01306 712203



  • Paul Wilcocks, Spalted Beech open bowl 26 x 10
  • Paul Wilcocks, Giant Yew Hollow Form 24 x 36
  • Paul Wilcocks, Coolibah tray (Australia)
  • Paul Wilcocks, 'Ali Baba' Hollow form
  • Paul Wilcocks, Bimble Box tray (Australia)
  • Paul Wilcocks, Decorated double bowl
  • Paul Wilcocks, Collared and decorated bowl
  • Paul Wilcocks, Recurved Sycamore bowl
  • Paul Wilcocks, Yew Vase
  • Paul Wilcocks, Round and Square Hollow form 11 x 11
  • Paul Wilcocks, Closed bowl with indented and etched rim