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Penelope Cake BA Hons

painting, drawing, digital media, photography, cratfs & costume

I study the "Beyond", that which is metaphysical, within, without and beyond the physical dimension.
I have a passion for colour & light, but I also study the shadow aspects of the psyche.
My painting, photography & digital media practices are about the use of colour in various forms, including inner visions from medation practices, reflections & what is in the ethers.
My shadow studies come from insights as a clairvoyant & my ability to see auras etc. They are related to what is hidden beneath the human mask or personna. Both my broken doll & my shadow ghost projects are in a film production

Various Art & Crafts from £20 to £1500

Easy parking. No downstairs toilet. Disabled access.

Visitors welcome by appointment

22 goldfort walk



GU21 3RB

tel: 01483839092

mobile: 07943217967


web: /

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  • Penelope Cake, The Blue Rider
  • Penelope Cake, Galatica
  • Penelope Cake, Rose Light
  • Penelope Cake, Light Spectrum Tulip
  • Penelope Cake, Light spectrum photography 1
  • Penelope Cake,  Light Spectrum Tulip
  • Penelope Cake, Kalidoscope
  • Penelope Cake, Shroud
  • Penelope Cake, Nazarin
  • Penelope Cake, Flight of the Shadow
  • Penelope Cake, Rainbow Cloud
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