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Peter Roberts

Botanical Silversmith

My passion is creating a unique world of sculptural flowers made in silver by bringing together the botanical world and that of the silversmith.

Creating replica sculptural flowers in silver, in full and scale sizes requires the understanding of the complexity of natures forms, that through design, craftsmanship and engineering techniques. Only then can a true replica bring out both the detailed and beautiful world of nature and that of silver.

Sculptural piece to be daily admired, treasured and inherited can be commissioned / purchased by visiting the website.

The world of silver, also allows me, to work in with other fields of designs and forms from

77 The Cravens





tel: 01342843353

mobile: 07812394695



  • Peter Roberts, Silver Double Fuchsia
  • Peter Roberts, Miniature Orchid
  • Peter Roberts, Marigold
  • Peter Roberts, Make Your Mark Biplane
  • Peter Roberts, Passion Flower
  • Peter Roberts, Dragon Fly
  • Peter Roberts, Allium