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Peter Westermann


I aim to make best use of the local wood that is available. I enjoy making bark or natural edge bowls but these require the shape, figure, grain and size to all be exactly right. Oak, ash, yew, sweet chestnut, cherry and laburnum all work well.
Small branches are often made into apples, bottle stoppers or mice, larger branches into vases and hollow forms while the largest logs are converted into dishes, platters and salad or fruit bowls. Culinary items are often made from sycamore or beech.

Commisions welcome, work for sale

Limited parking

Visitors welcome by appointment

The Red Cottage

Moores Road

Opposite old Police station




tel: 01306883122

mobile: 07881590191


  • Peter Westermann, Barkedged Oak bowl
  • Peter Westermann, Laburnum log on lathe
  • Peter Westermann, Turning Laburnum log
  • Peter Westermann, Hollowing out Laburnum log
  • Peter Westermann, Finished Laburnum Bowl
  • Peter Westermann, Limed ash bowl
  • Peter Westermann, Limed ash bowl
  • Peter Westermann, Oak vase
  • Peter Westermann, Walnut bowl
  • Peter Westermann, Mice on a plate
  • Peter Westermann, Spalted sycamore pot
  • Peter Westermann, Sweetchestnut Dish