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Poppy Porter

Abstract Artist : Jeweller

I am an Abstract Artist : Jeweller, synesthete, bassist, editor of the Association for Contemporary Jewellery's Findings Magazine and F1 Fan, born in Guildford in 1974.

I specialise in paintings and jewellery inspired by the abstract shapes and colours of my synaesthetic inner landscape. I have a visual response when I hear certain sounds particularly music. My artistic practice explores this visual and emotional response. I then share this inner landscape in my jewellery and painting, creating abstract and colourful and energetic forms and images.

One off pieces of jewellery, paintings and prints for sale

Visitors welcome by appointment

Originate Studios

The Boileroom

13 Stoke Fields




mobile: 07941117782



  • Poppy Porter, Heavy Bassline (Stockholm Syndrome)
  • Poppy Porter, Heavy Bassline (Stockholm Syndrome) Necklace
  • Poppy Porter, Heavy Bassline (Stockholm Syndrome) Brooch
  • Poppy Porter, Revving BMW F1 Engine