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Pratima Kramer

Ceramic and glass artist

Pratima spent her formative years living with her family in Gujarat, India, before moving to the UK in 1978. As a creative artist, she now works predominantly in ceramic and glass. Her signature pieces have a distinctive â??? and often fetchingly quirky - ethnic nature, inspired by her intimate experiences of Indian life and its rich and vibrant culture. Pratima trained at Camberwell, St. Martins, and the University of Hertfordshire. Her work has regularly featured in major UK exhibitions, including 'Art in Clay' (both at the Farnham & Hatfield House sites), 'Earth & Fire' (Rufford Abbey), and at the V&A-curated Morley Gallery Exhibition in London.

commissions welcome and artwork for sale

Parking available, limited disable access.

Visitors welcome by appointment

tel: 01727 765429

mobile: 07709 270480



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