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Rodney Carter DesRCA AA Dip RIBA

painter and designer

In my career as an architect and designer I used perspective and coloured images to design buildings and products and to record townscapes and historic buildings.

I now create figurative and abstract images inspired by the following: light, sacred and profane subjects, natural forms, Western myths, animals and traditional and modern themes in Western art.

My gouaches and collages may be framed as prints and have been used for Christmas birthday and Valentine cards. My images are now available as full size prints and, where indicated, as cards, both with accurately reproduced colours.

artwork for sale

parking available

tel: 01737246519


  • Rodney Carter, Flight Interlude (after MM da Caravaggio)
  • Rodney Carter, Advent Light
  • Rodney Carter, Aphrodite
  • Rodney Carter, Light Fountain
  • Rodney Carter, Vine Lily and Blackthorne
  • Rodney Carter, Planets move from Their Courses as the Star Passes
  • Rodney Carter, Light Angel
  • Rodney Carter, Magi and the Spheres
  • Rodney Carter, Colour Star
  • Rodney Carter, Nativity Bird
  • Rodney Carter, Shepherd and the Light
  • Rodney Carter, Light and Dark