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Roger Marsden


Roger Marsden produces adventurous woodturned practical pieces such as large pepper grinders, pot pouri, mortar and pestles, candlesticks and lidded pots as well as a large range of artistic bowls and platters of all sizes and shapes, mostly from local English hardwoods.

Commissions welcome

Ample parking space

Visitors welcome by appointment

One The Garth



KT11 2DZ

tel: 01932 866645

mobile: 07940 578855



  • Roger Marsden, Mortars & Pestles
  • Roger Marsden, Lidded Pots
  • Roger Marsden, Full range of work
  • Roger Marsden, Salad bowls
  • Roger Marsden, Large platter
  • Roger Marsden, Small bowls
  • Roger Marsden, Pot Pouris
  • Roger Marsden, Candlesticks
  • Roger Marsden, Pepper & Salt Grinders
  • Roger Marsden, Pencilled brush holders


Roger Marsden's work can be seen at:

Open studio

One The Garth

Cobham KT11 2DZ

Sat 15th and Sat 22nd Dec 2018

10am to 4pm

Woodturning to view and for sale and the opportunity to see the workspace and equipment