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Ruth Taylor


I trained as a textile designer at West Surrey College of Art and Design. In recent years I have returned to painting, working in oil on canvas and board. I am inspired by expansive landscapes, particularly the South Downs, the marks made on land by man and the effects of the weather and seasons.
My paintings are built up with layers of paint which I apply with my fingers as well as a variety of tools, combs and sponges giving them depth and texture.

Commissions are welcomed and my studio can be visited by appointment.

Vale End

Whitmore Vale



GU26 6JB

tel: 01428 713957

mobile: 07761 755038



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  • Ruth Taylor, In the grip of winter.
  • Ruth Taylor, Dark days of autumn rain.
  • Ruth Taylor, Running wild.
  • Ruth Taylor, The tide turns.
  • Ruth Taylor, Where the cornflower meets the mallow.
  • Ruth Taylor, The song of the Downs.