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Stephanie Wright

Ceramicist / Sculptor

Exploring the potential of ceramic materials is never boring. Elemental materials and processes have a life of their own, and the challenge for ceramic artists is to work in balance with these forces. My ideas come from anything in motion: a flock of birds, a mounting wave, a propeller blade, a dancing couple. Although each piece is a snapshot in time, the speed of the motion each represents may be different. My role as a ceramic artist is to guide the natural forces of the materials and processes to communicate and celebrate the flow of nature through form.

commissions for sets of tableware welcome


Visitors welcome by appointment

Sandstone Studios

Gd flr Old Sandstone

The Chine, High Street




tel: 01306 898147

mobile: 07747 600142



  • Stephanie Wright, Swan bowl 1
  • Stephanie Wright
  • Stephanie Wright,  Wave detail
  • Stephanie Wright, Catching the Wave
  • Stephanie Wright, Summer Wave
  • Stephanie Wright, White whirlpool vase
  • Stephanie Wright, Whirlpool Vase
  • Stephanie Wright, Still Life with Lemon
  • Stephanie Wright, Teapot
  • Stephanie Wright, Two waves detail