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Suzy Abrahams


My most recent work is a collection of paintings in acrylic ink on both watercolour paper and on canvas, focusing on my search for abstract rhythms through explorations of shape and line, combining rich colour palettes and geometric form.

Since studying Graphic design at Goldsmiths' College, London, I have been fascinated by geometric shapes, in particular, the circle, a recurring element in much of my work.

I have been a resident artist at the co-operative Fountain Gallery in East Molesey (very close to Hampton Court Palace) for 14 years.

You are welcome to view any of the paintings you see on my website at the gallery by appointment.

Commissions welcome. Artwork for sale. Viewing of paintings by appointment only - telephone in advance.

Visitors welcome by appointment

Fountain Gallery

26 Bridge Road

Hampton Court

East Molesey



tel: 020 8645 0552

mobile: 07588 699441



social media:

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