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Tracey Friend


I make functional and decorative ceramics, including wheel-thrown tableware and handbuilt pieces.

Using primarily high fired stoneware and porcelain clays, and glazes to ensure durability; my works are designed to be both aesthetically pleasing, and fulfill their use.

Ranging in style from colourful imagery and patterns, to minimal and delicate mark making, I take my inspiration from my Antipodean heritage, growing up surrounded by nature; and my love of modernism and traditional crafts, in particular North-East and South-East Asia.

Individual and bespoke pieces for sale (commissions welcome)

Visitors welcome by appointment

Reigate Art Studios

42 Castle Walk




  • Tracey Friend, Pink and Green copper rimmed bowls
  • Tracey Friend, Pierced top square bottle
  • Tracey Friend, Cobalt brushed bowls
  • Tracey Friend, Geometric star dish