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Uriya Jurik MA

Fine Art

180 SAOS Open Studios 2019 Using multiple artistic media, including painting, photography, sculpture, installations and performance, Uriya’s work revolves around appropriating the aesthetics from the ancient nomadic traditions to comment on the contradictions the world is facing today. Consistent with the artist’s oeuvre juxtaposition of traditional materials like sheep wool and bones with cutting-edge representation is the artistic tool to blur the boundaries between art and craft and amplify the distinctive voice in the diversity of global art world.


A free parking space, disabled access

Visitors welcome by appointment

5 Poyle Terrace




tel: 07884411828

mobile: 07884411828



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  • Uriya Jurik, Silk Way Road
  • Uriya Jurik, Chest with blankets
  • Uriya Jurik, Khan Tengri
  • Uriya Jurik, The Rite
  • Uriya Jurik, Lost
  • Uriya Jurik, The Bride
  • Uriya Jurik, Earrings
  • Uriya Jurik, Bracelet
  • Uriya Jurik, Earrings
  • Uriya Jurik, Prayer
  • Uriya Jurik, The Cloud
  • Uriya Jurik, Earrings