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Xoanxo Cespon


I was born in Cee (Galicia, Spain) in 1970, I moved to the UK in 1988 (London and Chesire) until 2001when I moved to The Netherlands. In 2013 I returned to the UK (Surrey).
I have exhibited in several cities since 1993, amongst them, London (Bolivar Hall, Canning House, John Jones Gallery, IMO Arts Society...), Manchester (Portico Gallery, Instituto Cervantes, Manchester Airport...), Macclesfield (West Park Museum), Stockport (Howard Francis Gallery), Amsterdam (Art Hotel, Schichol Airport...), Hoofddorp where I had my own Studio-Gallery space (2011-2013), Madrid (Circulo de Bellas Artes), etc

mobile: 07860802563



  • Xoanxo Cespon, Let it be Love
  • Xoanxo Cespon, Let the Sunshine In 4
  • Xoanxo Cespon, Prelude 3
  • Xoanxo Cespon, Prelude
  • Xoanxo Cespon, Prelude 4
  • Xoanxo Cespon, Let the Sunshine In 5
  • Xoanxo Cespon, Coloured wall 1
  • Xoanxo Cespon, Summer Sunset
  • Xoanxo Cespon, Haiche mañás
  • Xoanxo Cespon, Symbol Colours
  • Xoanxo Cespon, Fogares da Costa
  • Xoanxo Cespon, Cores Mariñeiras