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Bali Edwards

Ceramic Artist

I make hand made, wheel thrown and hand painted stoneware and earthenware pots using a variety of slips and glazes.

My work shows my love of nature, animals and use of vibrant colours. I often begin by drawing or painting flowers or birds from life (sometimes from a photograph). I let the bird's character, its form, and its gestures suggest the flow of design.

I believe that its important to stay open to the unexpected, to see what develops, and trust one's instincts when working.

My work can be seen at the Cafe Court Farm Garden Centre, Old Kingston Rd, Worcester Park, Surrey KT4 7QH

Pots for sale and commissions welcome.

73 South Park Grove

New Malden



tel: 020 8336 0539

mobile: 07734431355



  • Bali Edwards, Out & about in London platter
  • Bali Edwards, Swallowtail butterfly vase
  • Bali Edwards, Garden cats
  • Bali Edwards, Garden cats vase
  • Bali Edwards, Owls Plate
  • Bali Edwards, Garden birds in concert
  • Bali Edwards, Irises vase
  • Bali Edwards, Dragonfly round vase
  • Bali Edwards, Echinacea & Ladybirds bowl
  • Bali Edwards, Feathers square vases
  • Bali Edwards, Butterflies platter
  • Bali Edwards, Tulips round vase