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Elly Wright


A love of wide open spaces and big skies underlie Elly's current paintings in oil and acrylic; they are rooted in landscape. Her frequent stays in South West France, give her a constant source to draw upon. Her paintings in acrylic and oil are created in her garden studio in Epsom, or in the converted stable studio she uses in France. There is no attempt at a realistic rendering. Elly's pleasure in making her colourful paintings, shines through, inviting us to take a journey through her imaginary landscapes.

Paintings for sale, commissions welcome

Parking in street. Not wheelchair accessible.

Visitors welcome by appointment

mobile: 07790858438



  • Elly Wright, In the distance
  • Elly Wright, Morning Mist
  • Elly Wright, Almost Sumer
  • Elly Wright, Neighbouring Fields No.1
  • Elly Wright, Summer Painting
  • Elly Wright, Blue landscape no. 1
  • Elly Wright, In my mind's eye No. 1
  • Elly Wright, Neighbouring Fields No.2
  • Elly Wright, Evening air
  • Elly Wright, Across the road
  • Elly Wright, Branch
  • Elly Wright, Running Wild