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Julia Adams Julia Adams 36 Painter
Kathy Adams Kathy Adams 31 Painter and Printmaker
ANDREA ANDREA 27 Printmaker and Painter
Amie Antoniak Amie Antoniak 32 Painter
Julie Barham Julie Barham 109 Ceramicist
Margaret Benton Margaret Benton 88 Painter
Liz Bernard Liz Bernard 14 Painter and Ceramicist
Geraldine Besgrove Geraldine Besgrove 89 Printmaker and Illustrator
Monique Birley Monique Birley 54 Artist and Goldsmith
biroRobot biroRobot 79 Screen Printer and Illustrator
Lorraine Bishop Lorraine Bishop 49 Ceramicist
Lynn Bond Lynn Bond 118 Painter
Patricia Booth Patricia Booth 29 Painter
Trudi Boswell Trudi Boswell 102 Painter
Clare Bowen Clare Bowen 65 Oil Painter
Vanessa Boxen Vanessa Boxen 88 Painter
Orlanda Broom Orlanda Broom 68 Painter
Genevieve Brown Genevieve Brown 44 Painter
Hannah Bruce Hannah Bruce 7 Painter
Luisa Cacciotti Luisa Cacciotti 55 Potter
Faye Campbell Faye Campbell 106 Mixed Media Artist
Gill Cann Gill Cann 46 Botanical Painter
Hannah Cantrell Hannah Cantrell 27 Illustrator
Jillie Capstick Jillie Capstick 118 Painter
Caroline Rutter Originals Caroline Rutter Originals 4 Stained Glass, Craftwork and Sculpture
Angela Chadwick Angela Chadwick 54 Painter
Alice Charman Alice Charman 88 Painter
Linda Charman Linda Charman 88 Painter
Sarah Chatterton Sarah Chatterton 85 Eco Textile Artist
Pamela Chipperton Pamela Chipperton 118 Ceramicist
Chris Dolling Art Chris Dolling Art 51 Painter
Nicky Chubb Nicky Chubb 69 Painter
Anna Clarke Anna Clarke 48 Painter
Kim Cody Kim Cody 85 Painter
Elaine Coles Elaine Coles 8 Ceramicist and Digital Printmaker
Daisy May Collingridge Daisy May Collingridge 23 Illustrator
Natalie Collins Natalie Collins 27 Artist
Tina Collins Tina Collins 54 Painter
Marie Connery Marie Connery 22 Painter
Sue Cook Sue Cook 97 Painter
Thomas Cooke Thomas Cooke 94 Painter
Sarah Cox Sarah Cox 112 Painter
Lizzie Crawford Lizzie Crawford 118 Artist, Painter
David Crick David Crick 100 Painter
Diana Croft Diana Croft 43 Painter / Printmaker / Stained Glass Artist
Sharon Cunningham-Brown Sharon Cunningham-Brown 28 Ceramicist
Cup of JoJo The ART of Being and Transformation Cup of JoJo The ART of Being and Transformation 10 Painter, Sculptor, Artist, ART teacher, Therapeutic Arts Counsellor
Andrew Curtis Andrew Curtis 108 Painter
Keya D'Sa Keya D'Sa 17 Ceramicist
Libby Daniels Libby Daniels 64 Ceramicist
Anna Davie Anna Davie 30 Painter and Printmaker
Jodi Davies Jodi Davies 103 Photographer
Amicie De Chimay (mi7) Amicie De Chimay (mi7) 91 Felt Artist
Sophie De Taranto Sophie De Taranto 13 Jeweller
Gill Denyer Gill Denyer 107 Textile and Mixed Media Artist
Philip Drayton Philip Drayton 88 Painter
Emma Dunbar Emma Dunbar 84 Painter
Monica Dyer Monica Dyer 34 Painter
Alison Ellen Alison Ellen 82 Textiles, Knitting and Dyeing
Grace Ellen Grace Ellen 71 Painter
Maria Ellis Maria Ellis 98 Painter
Kati Fekete Kati Fekete 35 Painter
Mo Forgan Mo Forgan 55 Printmaker / Mixed Media Artist
Sinéad Fox Sinéad Fox 78 Abstract Artist
Georgie Gardiner Georgie Gardiner 60 Ceramicist
Lucy Georgia Lucy Georgia 59 Photographer
Brigitte Goirand Brigitte Goirand 9 Sculptor, Painter
Jill Goodchild Jill Goodchild 46 Painter / Calligrapher
Keira Graham Keira Graham 12 Textile Artist
Sue Gray Sue Gray 88 Painter
Penny Green Penny Green 39 Ceramicist
Charlotte Gregory Charlotte Gregory 25 Nature Artist
Maithili Guise Tucker Maithili Guise Tucker 103 Inking, Painting, Mixed Media
Clare Gulliver Clare Gulliver 95 Sculptor in Clay
Aileen Hamilton Aileen Hamilton 28 Jewellery Maker
Wendy Harrison Wendy Harrison 75 Painter
Margie Haslewood Margie Haslewood 16 Painter and Sculptor
Jacky Hatton Jacky Hatton 33 Painter, Textile Artist
Peter Hayes Peter Hayes 51 Painter
Brittany Hazeldine Brittany Hazeldine 106 Painter
Jean Heathcote Jean Heathcote 80 Painter
Anna Heslop Anna Heslop 27 Painter, printmaker, textiles
Jane Higgs Jane Higgs 88 Painter
David Hitchcock David Hitchcock 28 Jewellery Designer
Beryl Hole Beryl Hole 12 Ceramicist
Christine Hopkins Christine Hopkins 26 Painter / Printmaker
Robyn Horsburgh Robyn Horsburgh 101 Painter
Sarah Hudson Sarah Hudson 40 Painter
Sophie Hunter Sophie Hunter 106 Painter
Ronnie Ireland Ronnie Ireland 88 Painter
Freda James Freda James 106 Textile Artist
Sue Jelley Sue Jelley 53 Painter
Jennifer Jokhoo Jennifer Jokhoo 45 Printmaker / Painter
Kaz Jones Kaz Jones 118 Painter / Printmaker
Sandy Kendall Sandy Kendall 105 Painter
Dianne Kirkwood Dianne Kirkwood 88 Painter - Mixed Media
Mark Laird Mark Laird 2 Glass Artist
Christopher Lawson Christopher Lawson 88 Painter
Christine Layton Christine Layton 28 Cabinet Maker
Amanda Leader Amanda Leader 113 Designer and Maker with Textiles
Joanna Lloyd Joanna Lloyd 5 Cast & Kilnformed Glass Artist
Melanie Lucas Melanie Lucas 85 Jewellery Maker
Esther Lyth Esther Lyth 27 Painter
Magpie Contemporary Art Magpie Contemporary Art 99 Gallery
Sarah Manolescue Sarah Manolescue 66 Plein Air Painter
Roger Marsden Roger Marsden 12 Woodturner
Faye Mayo Faye Mayo 35 Ceramicist
Auli McCall Auli McCall 88 Painter
Nick Merrick Nick Merrick 24 Ceramicist
Fiona Millais Fiona Millais 74 Painter
Rosalind Moysen Rosalind Moysen 12 Painter
Rachel Mulligan Rachel Mulligan 56 Stained Glass Artist
Jessica Noble Jessica Noble 77 Jeweller
Julie Noles Julie Noles 117 Fused Glass, Textiles, Painting
Vicky O'Leary Vicky O'Leary 19 Textile Artist
Nick Oakley Nick Oakley 65 Photographer
Vicky Oldfield Vicky Oldfield 20 Painter / Printmaker
Joanne Olney Joanne Olney 41 Painter
Alison Orchard Alison Orchard 70 Fine Artist
Oria Oria 27 Jewellery Maker
Parkgate Pottery Parkgate Pottery 37 Ceramicist
David Paynter David Paynter 62 Sculptor / Poet
Fiona Pearce Fiona Pearce 83 Painter
Gregory Pearson Gregory Pearson 116 Sculptor
Tessa Pearson Tessa Pearson 116 Painter / Printmaker
Emma Pooles Emma Pooles 27 Textiles and Linocut Prints
Ciara Pound Ciara Pound 23 Painter
Janine Pound Janine Pound 23 Textile artist
Nick Pyne Nick Pyne 111 Multimedia Artist
Peter Quarmby Peter Quarmby 76 Windsor Chair Maker
Lucy Quinnell Lucy Quinnell 47 Designer
Georgie Rey Georgie Rey 73 Plein Air Painter
Wendy Richards Wendy Richards 67 Palette Knife Oil Painter
Julia Roberts-brown Julia Roberts-brown 117 Ceramicist
Rosanna Clare Rosanna Clare 52 Leather Craft
Louise Rowe Louise Rowe 6 Painter
Diana Jane Scott-Malden Diana Jane Scott-Malden 1 Photographer
Lynne Seale Lynne Seale 96 Painter
Selborne Pottery Selborne Pottery 72 Ceramicist
Christopher Sercombe Christopher Sercombe 92 Painter
Sarah Simonds-Gooding Sarah Simonds-Gooding 18 Mixed Media Artist
Terri Smart Terri Smart 114 Ceramicist
Joanna Smith Joanna Smith 88 Painter
Janet Stanley Janet Stanley 12 Sculptor
star fish studios star fish studios 90 Painter / Printmaker
Alan Streets Alan Streets 50 Painter
Suzie at The Old Studio Suzie at The Old Studio 63 Jeweller, Textile & Print Designer
Joe Szabo Joe Szabo 35 Glass Artist
Geoff Thiel Geoff Thiel 15 Ceramicist
Lynne Thomas Lynne Thomas 81 Painter
Johanna Thonger Johanna Thonger 88 Painter
Dawn Thornhill Dawn Thornhill 12 Papercut Lightboxes
Jean Tolkovsky Jean Tolkovsky 104 Ceramicist
Ali Tomlin Ali Tomlin 74 Ceramicist
Julie Verity Julie Verity 75 Painting and Drawing
Alan Wallis Alan Wallis 87 Sculptor
Carolyn Wallis Carolyn Wallis 86 Hand Weaver
Linda Walsh Linda Walsh 114 Textile Artist
Catherine Warren Catherine Warren 83 Painter
Fenella Watson Designs Fenella Watson Designs 77 Jeweller & Silversmith
Andrew Webster Andrew Webster 28 Photographer
Malcolm West Malcolm West 11 Painter / Sculptor
Peter Westermann Peter Westermann 42 Woodturner
Ruth Wheeler Ruth Wheeler 61 Wood Artist and Sculptor
Gloria Whiting Gloria Whiting 23 Textiles and Ceramics
Emily Whitley Emily Whitley 85 Potter
Why Knot Art Why Knot Art 3 Painter
Aasiri Wickremage Aasiri Wickremage 57 Artist
Ruth Winchester Ruth Winchester 28 Millefiori Polymer Clay Artist
Suzanne Winn Suzanne Winn 83 Painter
Susanne Winter Susanne Winter 110 Painter
Anne Wood Anne Wood 115 Painter
Joseph Wyer Joseph Wyer 28 Maker