Artist Trails Map

Artist Trail Maps

To help you plan days out, many studios have created trails linking with other geographically close studios which are open on the same dates. Each participating studio will be able to give you a trail map and you can start anywhere along the route.

The trails show where linked studios are all open on the same dates but please note that individual studios are open on other days.

Another way of doing this is to visit the Interactive Map which allows you to select a date and the map will display all the studios which are open on that day.

Many of our artists create artist-led trail maps that link several studios together – either because they are nearby or because they complement each other in style.

Click the map to see a larger version of the one in the brochure (opens in a new window).

All Trails

Opening times: 11am–5pm, Thurs evenings 6–8.30pm, open days vary.

Trails map SAOS 2018

Individual Trail Maps

Some studios have created their own flyers, click below to see larger versions (they open in a new window).

A246 Villages Trail 2018
A246 Villages Trail
Northwest Surrey Art Trail 2018
Northwest Surrey Art Trail
Shamley Green, Cranleigh, Ewhurst and Rudgwick Trail 2018
Shamley Green, Cranleigh, Ewhurst and Rudgwick Trail
Reigate Trail 2018
Reigate Trail
The Bourne Trail 2018
The Bourne Trail
North Farnham Art Trail 2018
North Farnham Art Trail
Dorking Town Art Trail 2018
Dorking Town Art Trail
Burpham and Merrow Trail 2018
Burpham and Merrow Trail
Mid-West Trail 2018
Mid-West Trail
Guildford Trail 2018
Guildford Trail
Golden Valley Art Trail 2018
Golden Valley Art Trail
Milland Valley Art Trail 2018
Milland Valley Art Trail
The East Trail 2018
The East Trail 2018
Molesley Trail 2018
Molesley Trail
Sunbury Working Artists Trail 2018
Sunbury Working Artists Trail 2018