Many of our participating artists offer you the chance to broaden your creative skills by providing workshops. This is your chance to have a go yourself at using the techniques and materials available in the art world. All you need to do is contact the artist and book a space on your chosen workshop(s).

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Jule Mallett

Cloth Dyeing in Bags and Jam Jars with Procion Dyes

Wednesday 12th June

10am - 12 noon
2 hours


Explore different ways of dyeing cloth using Procion dyes, jam jars, plastic sandwich bags and small trays.

Book by email. Wear old clothes and bring an apron, gloves, jam jars, small plastic bags and plastic trays.

33 Woodlands Road





t: 01483 573949


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Cloth Dyeing in Bags and Jam Jars with Procion Dyes

Procion dyed cloth, samples of cloth created with procion dyes using shibori techniques of manipulation and shaping