Ali Tomlin

My work is a collection of thrown, uncluttered porcelain forms. I throw and turn the pieces to a fine finish where I then apply my marks. I work with the chalky surface, applying stains, oxides and slips, splashing and sponging away areas, adding inlaid and sgraffito lines, aiming to create imperfect and unpredictable marks. Most decorating is carried out on the wheel to convey a feeling of movement and spontaneity. I use an ever growing palette of colours on the white clay, giving the hard porcelain the appearance of softness. I leave most of the surfaces unglazed, which lends a paper-like, tactile quality to the pieces.



Work for sale
Work is for sale ranging from £35 to £450. This is the only time of year that I will also be selling my seconds - slightly flawed or older stock.

Place to eat
The Barley Mow pub is a few minutes walk away.


4 Sands Close
The Sands

Telephone: 07770424898

  • Saturday 5th June Open
  • Sunday 6th June Open
  • Monday 7th June Closed
  • Tuesday 8th June Closed
  • Wednesday 9th June Closed
  • Thursday 10th June Closed
  • Thursday 10th June (Evening) Closed
  • Friday 11th June Open
  • Saturday 12th June Open
  • Sunday 13th June Open
  • Monday 14th June Closed
  • Tuesday 15th June Closed
  • Wednesday 16th June Closed
  • Thursday 17th June Closed
  • Thursday 17th June (Evening) Closed
  • Friday 18th June Closed
  • Saturday 19th June Closed
  • Sunday 20th June Closed

Ali Tomlin

4 Sands Close, The Sands, Farnham, UK

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