Artworks4Alzheimers – Sylvia Igglesden

According to a gallery in Notting Hill, ”Sylvia, an accomplished acrylic artist, breathes life into her canvases with a vibrant palette and a masterful use of depth and layers. Her creations are a testament to her skill in coaxing a symphony of colours to dance across the surface, creating rich and dynamic visual experiences. With each brushstroke, Sylvia transforms her canvases into captivating journeys of exploration, inviting her viewers into a world where colour and depth converge in harmonious brilliance.”

Over 2023 she painted several abstracted  mountain-scapes, one of which was exhibited at the Mall Galleries in London. She paints from remembered experiences and mood. She has exhibited and curated the My Mind’s Eye exhibitions at West Horsley Place over the past few years. She also volunteers at the Lightbox Gallery in Woking with their Art in Mind programme for dementia sufferers.

Her inspiration comes from nature, her travels and a love of the outdoors (a keen sportswoman) plus the bold shapes and colours in interior design and modern architecture. She often plays with perspective in her landscapes to create distance and depth. Not afraid of colour she paints freely and expressively. She likes to repurpose old charity shop finds, reworking old prints and frames. Her open studio this year will be solely to raise money for Alzheimers. Her art-loving ister-in- law was diagnosed 14 years ago which was the catalyst for her setting up Artworks4Alzheimers.





Work for sale
£50-£800 Card only

Visiting information
In a private road close to Horsley Station. Rear access allows parking for several vehicles.

Place to eat
Local cafes and Pubs in Horsley village

Transport Details
3 min walk from Horsley Station


The Green, Cobham Way, East Horsley, KT24 5BH

Telephone: 07545 629691

  • Saturday 1 June 2024 Open
  • Sunday 2 June 2024 Open
  • Monday 3 June 2024 Closed
  • Tuesday 4 June 2024 Closed
  • Wednesday 5 June 2024 Open
  • Thursday 6 June 2024 Closed
  • Friday 7 June 2024 Open
  • Saturday 8 June 2024 Closed
  • Sunday 9 June 2024 Closed
  • Monday 10 June 2024 Open
  • Tuesday 11 June 2024 Closed
  • Wednesday 12 June 2024 Open
  • Thursday 13 June 2024 Open
  • Friday 14 June 2024 Open
  • Saturday 15 June 2024 Closed
  • Sunday 16 June 2024 Closed
  • Monday 17 June 2024 Closed
  • Tuesday 18 June 2024 Closed
  • Wednesday 19 June 2024 Open
  • Thursday 20 June 2024 Closed
  • Friday 21 June 2024 Open
  • Saturday 22 June 2024 Closed
  • Sunday 23 June 2024 Open

Artworks4Alzheimers - Sylvia Igglesden

Cobham Way, East Horsley, Leatherhead KT24 5BH, UK

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Sylvia Igglesden

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