Creative Jewellery Studio and Friends

Aileen Hamilton – Aileen is a Jeweller with many years experience. She works mainly to commission, specialising in the up-cycling of jewellery, creating new bespoke designs for clients. An experienced teacher, she also runs workshops and regular classes in jewellery making and silver-work from her garden studio in Redhill.

Sharon Cunningham Brown – Sharon has been working in clay for many years creating functional tableware and within the last few years have expanded into Sculptures. She predominately work in stoneware, where each piece is either hand thrown or hand built. She uses various techniques such as moulding, slab, and coiling, which are then manipulated to create the desired effect. By using different glazing techniques, from slips to under glazes or oxides, it gives an overall distinctly individual finished piece.

Peter Roberts – A retired engineer, Peter is fascinated by the way nature constructs, builds and engineers the complexities of a plant or flower. He take photos, make sketches and creates engineering drawings, dissecting, pressing or drying the actual plant to fully comprehend the challenges he will be facing in the creation of one in silver. The shaping, build and texturing processes are all essential to his process of construction, the need to adhere to the detail, form and texture of the plant are to him always at the forefront of his mind. He constructs each piece in silver with as much accuracy and detail as possible, and has recently been invited to become a Fellow of the Society of Botanical Artists.

David Hitchcock – David has always been fascinated with the myriad forms, shapes and colours of the natural world. Photography has also been a life-long passion and he has developed a process that has allowed him to transpose images on to aluminium, creating individual pieces of jewellery that are both beautiful and easy to wear.

Ruth Winchester – Ruth runs her business ‘DoodlePippin’ from her garden studio in Reigate. She creates Millefiori, which is an ancient method of manipulating clay to create intricate kaleidoscopic patterns. It’s a simple process, but there’s a lot of luck and serendipity involved, and it’s impossible to make the same pattern twice! These pieces of clay (called canes) are sliced, and she uses these slices to decorate jewellery, ceramics, glassware and household items.

Fee FraserFee creates homeware, lamps, gifts and quirky automata by combining free machine embroidery with repurposed vintage items. Every item is unique and comes with lots of frivolous frippery. She started creating free-machine embroidery pictures five years ago when she decided to depict her 50 favourite simple pleasures. The response was so positive that she carried on and now trades under the name Thimble & Thrift. She gets her teaching ‘fix’ running textile workshops and regularly runs stalls selling her work.

Lorraine Ellery-Matthews –Lorraine is skilled at making handmade crafts from wood and willow she coppices and harvests locally. She combines these skill with her experience and ability to deliver personable, varied and interesting workshops and training courses for all.

Andrew Webster – Andrew is a photographer who works across a range of subjects from landscapes to abstracts. He is inspired by colour, space and stories as much as places or people. His work includes landscapes from India to the Outer Hebrides, wild places in low light, performers on the street and on stage and everyday abstract images. Recently he has been exploring more abstract and painterly approaches using intentional camera movement and these works feature a lot in his latest work.



Work for sale
Prices range from £2 - £2000 Card and Cash payments are accepted.

Visiting information
There are three steps to access the Open Studio, and two steps down to the workshop.

Place to eat
The Hatch Pub at Shaws Corner, and The Plough Pub at St Johns, Redhill. Deli on the Hill, Linkfield Street for Coffee, sandwiches and takeaways.

Transport Details
Bus 420, 435 460; 5 minutes.


26 Whitepost Hill, Redhill, RH1 6DA
Please do not rely on a Satnav as it will take you to the wrong place! At the top of Whitepost Hill, turn into Linkfield Street, then left up a track.
Parking is limited, so it is best to park in a nearby street.

Telephone: 07939 010183

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Creative Jewellery Studio and Friends

26 Whitepost Hill, Redhill RH1 6DA, UK

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