Dawn Hajittofi


From my own life experiences and the stories of others, the journey through life’s challenges has become the theme of my work.  We all face adversity, loss, and disappointments – most of us have experienced brokenness which inevitably leaves a mark.   

My work acknowledges both the unpredictable and unexpected nature of life’s events and conveys the possibilities of hope and transformation.  Each piece is thrown in earthenware, altered and distorted – accidental marks and imperfections are encouraged.  I decorate the pieces with abstract marks using a combination of materials including slips, underglazes and oxides.     The gilt references the ancient Japanese art of “Kintsugi” in which a treasured pot, if broken, can be repaired using gold.  This is a much-used metaphor for our own lives – a reminder to stay hopeful when things fall apart and to celebrate the flaws and missteps of life.

‘Kintsugi is not the art of erasure – the invisible mend, the erasing of a mistake – but rather the marking of a loss.’  Edmund de Waal



Work for sale
Work is available to purchase from £30 to £200. Card, cash, cheque payments all accepted. Second and sale items available. A donation from sales goes to the 'BEME PROJECT' https://bemeproject.org

Visiting information
The studio will be open Fridays and Saturdays between 11am and 5pm, and Sunday afternoons by appointment between 2-5 pm. Parking available

Place to eat
We are on the outskirts of Dorking town which has plenty of places to eat.

Transport Details
Unfortunately no public transport near the studio.


19 Deepdene Wood

Telephone: 07835303491 or 01306 888288

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Dawn Hajittofi

19 Deepdene Wood, Dorking, UK

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