Debbie Tearle

Debbie is a Surrey painter working in oil with cold wax, acrylics, watercolours and mixed media Her work is an expression of experiences whether they be moments of time spent in nature, memories of places or events. Her work is nonrepresentational, preferring an abstract or semi abstract style with which she aims to engage the viewer and evoke an emotional response.

Debbie is unencumbered by formal training and has developed her own processes over time through self-guided exploration of materials and techniques. Her work starts with an idea or connection and then through carefully observation, using photography and sketches she uses the expression of her visual language of lines and shapes to record what she sees and feels. Her paintings are initially planned with composition and medium considered, but then she works on the pieces intuitively, responding to the movement of paint and the expressive marks that she makes as she’s creating. Colours, textures and patterns found in the environment often inform her choice of substrate and palette. Debbie combines materials that are most suitable for expressing the subject matter for a piece or series of paintings. Her imagination and memory informing the development of the painting.

Debbie uses standard and non-standard tools when working on her canvas and wood panel paintings or works on paper. Often, they can be stones, rocks, twigs that she has collected whilst on walks or ones she has selected for experimenting with in the studio such as kitchen and diy tools. These enable her to create a variety of interesting expressive marks and are often specific to that series of paintings. Glazes of colour are applied to develop the surface and create complexity in the images. She reveals layers of paint previously laid down using reduction and scraping back techniques give a sense of the history of the work.

Debbie says –“Through the process of creating both my art work and I go on a journey of discovery and awareness.”


Work for sale
£40 -£600

Visiting information
Access to the garden gazebo studio is via the right hand side of the house, which is accessible to wheelchairs.

Place to eat
There are several cafes and pubs nearby in both Fetcham and Bookham. Leatherhead is also close by with cafes and restuarants.

Transport Details
Leatherhead and Bookham stations are close and buses are available.


16 Kennel Lane
KT22 9PG

Telephone: 07958975069

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Debbie Tearle

Kennel Lane, Fetcham, Leatherhead KT22 9PG, UK

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