Grace Ellen
Light and water are central themes in Graces’s work. Her, often large scale, pieces invite viewers to immerse themselves in the scene. Initially capturing each location through her photography, Grace creates satisfying, balanced compositions which play with the rule of thirds and balance. These act as reference materials which are then romanticised during the painting process. Often using a palette knife and texture mediums Grace adds raised details which give her work a tactile quality.
The exhibition space is a spacious garden room, Grace will be painting outside throughout the event in an adjoining marquee to show pieces which are in progress.


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Visiting information
Spacious garden studio with a small step to get in.

Place to eat
Applegarth farm shop

Featured on Artist Trail
Hindhead Golden Valley Trail

26 Stonehill Road, Headley Down, GU35 8ET.

Telephone: 07805055558

  • Saturday 11th June Open
  • Sunday 12th June Open
  • Monday 13th June Closed
  • Tuesday 14th June Closed
  • Wednesday 15th June Closed
  • Thursday 16th June Closed
  • Friday 17th June Open
  • Saturday 18th June Open
  • Sunday 19th June Open
  • Monday 20th June Closed
  • Tuesday 21st June Closed
  • Wednesday 22nd June Closed
  • Thursday 23rd June Closed
  • Friday 24th June Closed
  • Saturday 25th June Closed
  • Sunday 26th June Closed

Grace Ellen

26 Stonehill Road, Headley Down, Bordon, UK

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