Joyful and uplifting images,  silk screened, painted and kiln fired onto beautiful mouth blown, hand made antique glass.

Come and try your hand at screen printing on glass with some of my pre prepared screens ūüôā

HALTglass was founded by James Cockerill.

Glaziers 2019 Stevens Architectural Glass Artist of the year  and George and Evelyn Gee prize for Craftsmanship.

I am interested in Architecture,  photography, sculpture and graphic design which all feed into my work.



Work for sale
£20 - £1,500 plenty of work for under £100 Cash and all cards taken.

Visiting information
Please feel free to park on our driveway. My house is opposite a post box with a slow children playing sign right outside.

Place to eat

Transport Details
34 bus. Jump off at the Sutton Green or Olive Tree pub stop. The bus goes from Woking station through to Guildford and back again.


Foxes Den
Sutton Green Road
Sutton green Surrey

Telephone: 07960714268

  • Saturday 5th June Open
  • Sunday 6th June Open
  • Monday 7th June Closed
  • Tuesday 8th June Closed
  • Wednesday 9th June Closed
  • Thursday 10th June Open
  • Thursday 10th June (Evening) Closed
  • Friday 11th June Open
  • Saturday 12th June Open
  • Sunday 13th June Open
  • Monday 14th June Closed
  • Tuesday 15th June Closed
  • Wednesday 16th June Closed
  • Thursday 17th June Open
  • Thursday 17th June (Evening) Closed
  • Friday 18th June Open
  • Saturday 19th June Open
  • Sunday 20th June Open


Sutton Green Road, Sutton Green, Guildford GU4 7QD, UK

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