Joanne Olney

I am a painter and a textile artist.

My art is an intuitive response to what I notice and appreciate. I find being in the landscape a humbling experience and a constant reminder of the scale and beauty occurring in natural world. Changing light, trees and rhythmic patterns in the countryside all intrigue me, prompting thoughts about resilience, mortality and the transience of life. My work is semi-abstract, often featuring multiple layers and glazes to reveal traces of what has has gone before. I am drawn to muted colours, adding experimental mark making for definition. I aspire to create atmosphere and a sense of place, painting intuitively, mostly from memory and my imagination.

I have also always loved textiles and like to produce fabric collages inspired by the charm of everyday objects and observations from my local landscape. I am also fascinated by the tradition of storytelling and the sharing associated with folk art. I prefer to hand stitch which I think has a timeless quality and suggests a mindful approach to personal industry. My embroideries are mostly made with repurposed materials therefore honouring the tradition of home crafts and utility.


Work for sale
£10 - £1000 Cards Accepted

Visiting information
Small groups only, no greater than 4 people.

Place to eat
Dorking High Street close by (5 mins walk) has several cafes, pubs and restaurants.

Transport Details
Dorking Main or Dorking Deepdene Station are both approx 15 minute walk away . The 365 bus is only a 5 minute walk and stops on the High Street.

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Dene End
Chart Lane

Telephone: 07739459811

  • Saturday 5th June Open
  • Sunday 6th June Open
  • Monday 7th June Closed
  • Tuesday 8th June Closed
  • Wednesday 9th June Open
  • Thursday 10th June Closed
  • Thursday 10th June (Evening) Closed
  • Friday 11th June Open
  • Saturday 12th June Closed
  • Sunday 13th June Closed
  • Monday 14th June Closed
  • Tuesday 15th June Closed
  • Wednesday 16th June Closed
  • Thursday 17th June Closed
  • Thursday 17th June (Evening) Closed
  • Friday 18th June Closed
  • Saturday 19th June Closed
  • Sunday 20th June Open

Joanne Olney

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