Joe Szabo – Faye Mayo – Christine Holmes – Molly Verity

This studio collaboration brings together four artists who are similarly inspired by the natural world, light, colour, texture and form.

Joe Szabo creates 2D and 3D contemporary glass art always experimenting with new ideas and learning new skills. He loves sharp contrasts and enjoys stepping away from glass as the primary medium combining it with other media.
For his sculptures, he makes mild and stainless steel metal frames and then inserts stained glass or Dalle de Verre panels in them.
In his 2D works, Joe uses leaded glass and copper foil techniques. He usually combines glass and ceramic as the latter has a different texture from that of the glass surface and can add depth to works.

Faye Mayo’s vessels and figurative work present a sense of delicacy. Marks of the making process remain visible on the exterior where fine imprints of nature contrast with harsh marks – all referring to life’s experiences. The use of feathers and leaves also express vulnerability. However, Faye’s intention is to draw the gaze of the viewer to the interior where blue hues hint at the possibility of inner renewal. After her degree from Goldsmiths’, Faye now makes works of art for galleries from her Surrey studio.

Christine Holmes started photography about twenty five years ago when she was living in Norfolk. The inspiration for her images comes mainly from the light and atmosphere around our coasts and the effects that can be achieved especially photographing into the light. More recently she has been photographing gardens and flowers, again into the light, at different times of the day and using the effects of rain and dew. The ever changing seasons, wild places, flowers and colour have influenced her throughout her life.

Molly Verity taught City and Guilds Embroidery for many years and in middle age went to Reigate art college followed by a degree course in painting and art history at Camberwell. Molly shared a studio in Reigate with a lively group of artists for some years and taught art in adult education. Since then, she rediscovered her sewing machine which has been a companion for life. Her little 6×6 inch embroideries have all been mini self portraits in a sense full of quirky humour and a childlike enjoyment of elephants, birds and fish and lots more. During lock down she has been also painting constantly, both landscape and still life, enjoying the colour and richness of oil paints.


Work for sale
£2.00 - £2,500.00 Cash and card

Visiting information
The studio is 50 yards from the garden gate.

Place to eat
The Pheasant at Buckland; Squires Garden Centre

Transport Details
Bus 32, bus stops 50 yards from The Bungalow.


The Bungalow, Reigate Road, Buckland, RH2 9RE

Telephone: 07929794011

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Joe Szabo - Faye Mayo - Christine Holmes - Molly Verity

Squires Garden Centre, Reigate, Betchworth RH3 7BG, UK

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Artists at this Studio

Joe Szabo

Glass Artist

Margaret Verity

Embroiderer and Painter