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Pippa’s work is focussed on the environment, with a particular interest in our use and relationship with single use plastics.  She looks at man’s inevitable impact on nature by using found plastic bags, bottle tops and found beach plastic … ubiquitous and disposable materials and objects that do untold damage to our environment if discarded and used carelessly.  Plastic’s unimaginably long lifespan, coupled with how casually we, as a society treat it, becomes a perfect metaphor for our almost blind overconsumption of the material.

In the words of philosopher Roland Barthes … “the essence of an object has something to do with the way it turns into trash”, possibly meaning that once an object has been discarded, and thus absolved of its function, its form becomes brightly visible … out of its original place and freed from its status as a commodity.Once an object is no longer treated in terms of its use/value, the ‘thingness’ and ‘unwantedness’ of an item intensifies.  This is when Pippa becomes interested in it.

Pippa acquires plastic by visiting beaches regularly, particularly following a storm. The processes that follow involve mindful taxonomy and grouping to create arrangements that, at times, speak of scientific plates and classification.


Picasso once said, “ Painting is like keeping a diary.” I am no writer, therefore I paint the life I know using my own visual language. Francis Bacon however insisted “It is the artist’s job to deepen the mystery”. I approach my diary with Bacon’s quote in mind.

I may one day, take a constantly changing landscape and confine it to memory for it’s inevitable deconstruction. Another day I may reconstruct it in order to investigate it’s true atmosphere or true value to me at the time.

People and specifically relationships with our chosen ‘tribe’ are also constantly shifting. In the truth-seeking 21st century and in our present state of lockdown, we reveal ourselves slowly. Once again atmosphere is what we will all recall; the anxiety, the isolation, the togetherness, our euphoria, love or loss.

My diary therefore, is currently full of the people I know, the places I have been and the atmospheres I have experienced. The mysteries are hidden in layers of paint, symbolic collage or disguised in sculptural form.


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Pippa Ward and Jane Hawkins

12 Wheelers Lane, Brockham, Betchworth, Surrey RH3 7LE, UK

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