Pippa Ward


Pippa’s work is focussed on the environment, with a particular interest in our use and relationship with single use plastics. She is a keen open water swimmer and is continually faced with excess amounts of plastic on the beaches she visits, particularly if it is following a storm. This is her inspiration and motivation for making works of art with found plastics – bags, bottle tops and beach plastic. Most of the plastics used in her work are gathered from beaches on the south coast, Pembrokeshire or Lanzarote. She takes the plastic home, rinses it and then begins to play with arrangements, that at times speak of scientific plates and classification, and at others has more of a narrative.  The viewer tends to see beauty in the art before noting that the medium it is made from is a ubiquitous and present-day scourge. Pippa was lucky enough to be voted Surrey Artist of the Year, 2019, and as a result, she enjoyed a solo show at the New Ashgate Gallery in Farnham.  She has shown her work around the UK, including galleries in London, Woking and Farnham. Pippa runs workshops in schools and day centres to help raise awareness and discuss the plastics problem.


Work for sale
£1.50 - £500

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Open plan house with easy access into the garden.

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The Reading Room on Brockham Green

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Pippa Ward

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Pippa Ward

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