Passionate for art, StudioG represents the collaborative work of Lara & Martin, wife & hubby combo. Long-time lovers of the aesthetic, our artistic journey took a creative turn when we joined Ochre Print Studio in 2017. It was there where we learned a variety of screen-printing techniques & worked with cyanotype. Our focus now is on painting rather than printing, with an emphasis on oils, encaustic & shellac.

Influenced by the likes of Rothko, Klee, Pollock, Warhol, Matisse, and Turner, our artistic church is a broad one. Our style tends towards impressionism and abstraction on the painting side, and fine art, mixed with fun and detail on the printing side. While lockdown has been restrictive in most senses of the word, it has been a boon for StudioG’s creativity and productivity, keeping us mostly sane during isolation.

Considering the recent limitation of accessing the Ochre Print Studio, we have built our own lovely little StudioG in the garden. Recently that studio has mostly been converted into a kitchen, resplendent with little pans, hot plate, and fondue set – all required for preparing the encaustic medium and keeping it in a liquid form for painting. Blow torches are now as likely to be used in the studio as paint brushes.


Work for sale
£5-£500 Cash & bank transfer Paypal

Visiting information
Studio is at the bottom of a quite spacious garden. Access via a path at the side of the house.

Place to eat
Squirrel Pub, Hurtmore, Godalming

Transport Details
#46 Stagecoach bus (Hurtmore, Quarry Road stop). Guildford - Aldershot/Farnham bus route


53 Quarry rd

Telephone: +447988534610

  • Saturday 5th June Open
  • Sunday 6th June Open
  • Monday 7th June Closed
  • Tuesday 8th June Closed
  • Wednesday 9th June Closed
  • Thursday 10th June Closed
  • Thursday 10th June (Evening) Open
  • Friday 11th June Open
  • Saturday 12th June Open
  • Sunday 13th June Open
  • Monday 14th June Closed
  • Tuesday 15th June Closed
  • Wednesday 16th June Closed
  • Thursday 17th June Closed
  • Thursday 17th June (Evening) Open
  • Friday 18th June Open
  • Saturday 19th June Open
  • Sunday 20th June Open


53 Quarry Rd, Hurtmore, Godalming GU7 2RW, UK

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