Art Studio, Surrey Hills

Keira Graham – a textile artist capturing stunning sea and landscape

”Experimenting with different textures created by manipulating fabric, I produce unique artworks in silk that use the richness of the fabric and the weave itself to create pieces that initially appear as landscapes and seascapes from a distance and take an entirely different visual experience when viewed lose up.”

Jo Maynard – world renowned wildlife and pet artist

”My love of animals and the natural world has turned my art from a hobby into something that I ’have’ to do.  A percentage of proceeds from every piece goes to animal or conservation charities and this will always be at the heart of my artwork.  My goal of every artwork is a realistic representation of the subject, while also capturing their personality.  Anyone commissioning a pet portrait locally also benefits from a photoshoot of their pet, so that you can choose the best photo for me to work from.”

Izabella Meehan – beautiful handmade, silver jewellery

”I’ve been motivated by the pure enjoyment of creating unexampled pieces of jewellery using sterling silver, carefully sourced pearls and gem stones as well as glass, gold, copper and brass.  Each piece is handmade, one off and uniquely crafted using different patterns, textures, forms and colours.”

Dawn Thornhill – unique, nature inspired paper art and papercut lightboxes

”I’ve always been fascinated by the endless possibility of paper, the magical quality of light and the wonder of the natural world.  I bring all this things together by creating beautiful, nature-inspired paper cut lightboxes.  Using only a pencil and a scalpel, I draw then hand-cut and layer card, adding lights to create a dream like contrast between the layers to tell a story or capture a special memory.”


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Private road, on street parking available

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The Stepping Stones Pub is 10 to 15 minutes walk Burford Bridge Hotel is 15 to 20 min walk

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Box Hill and Westhumble Railway Station is 10 min walk Bus 465 on the A24 is 20 min walk

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Pilgrims Close

Telephone: 07740410094

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Art Studio, Surrey Hills

Pilgrims Cl, Westhumble, Dorking RH5 6AR, UK

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Izabella Meehan

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Keira Graham

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Jo Maynard

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