Suzanne Winn

I paint expressively in oils, aiming to capture the energy, movement, and feeling of the landscapes that I love.

My studio is in the garden of my home, which is surrounded by the open farmland and big skies that feature so much in my current work. I have lived here for 15 years, and walk through these landscapes daily so I feel deeply connected to these places. A core aim for me is to convey something of how it feels to be within the landscape, and my emotional responses to connecting with nature. I am increasingly focusing on skies and light. Skies to me offer a sense of space and freedom, and the big skies around my home often offer spectacular light. I feel that a connection with nature can bring us so many benefits – and I hope that my work enables others to feel something of my connection with the landscape, and perhaps to rekindle or reaffirm their own connection with the natural world.

The first stage in my artistic process is to go out and draw within the landscape, using charcoals and/or pastels. I use charcoals to create tonal studies and pastels to lay down colour. I work rapidly, focusing on key shapes, tones and colours, and trying to capture the energy and feeling of the moment. I aim to go out drawing every week, so that I can stay attuned to the landscape as it changes from season to season, and indeed from day to day and from moment to moment.

Back in the studio I paint in oils from my sketches, memory, and from photographs that I have taken whilst out working and walking in the fields. I use a limited, but very flexible colour palette. I like to work “alla prima”, adopting a wet-on-wet approach, often layering up thick, impasto layers of paint in a single painting session. My aim is to anchor my work in what I have seen and observed, but also to work instinctively and intuitively, focusing on conveying a sense of energy, atmosphere and emotion.


Work for sale
Cards, drawings, oil studies and paintings ranging from £10-£800. Payment by cash, credit or debit card or bank transfer.

Visiting information
Coming by car, drive to the studio from East Worldham. Take Shelleys Lane opposite the Three Horseshoes pub, follow this single track no through lane to the end (apx 0.75 mile) and Clays Farm is at the very end on the left. Parking is available for up to 4 cars. The studio has a step into it and up to 4 visitors can be accommodated inside. There is also plenty of space available in the garden where work may also be viewed. Alternatively, it is possible to walk to the studio using the Hangar's Way footpath from Alton (apx. 1.5 mile) or from East Worldham (apx. 0.5 mile). This footpath takes you through fields where I regularly walk and sketch.

Transport Details
The nearest train station is Alton. The number 13 bus stops in East Worldham close to the Three Horseshoes pub.

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Clays Farm, Clays Lane
East Worldham, Alton. GU34 3AD

Telephone: 07811931781

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Suzanne Winn

Clay's Lane, Alton, UK

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