Orpheus Centre


The Orpheus Centre is an independent specialist college for young disabled adults that focuses on developing independence skills through performing and visual arts.

Orpheus artists create fabulous parallel worlds which are full of music, junk, toys and cardboard boxes. Come and immerse yourself in our photographic and  drawn re-imaginings of classic stories and characters. Often poignant, dark and humorous; always beautifully observed from another side.


Work for sale
£10-£300 Cash and card

Visiting information
Approaching Orpheus from Godstone due west, you will find North Park Lane a mile out of Godstone on A25 on right 0.5 mile up the lane in a listed barn.

Place to eat
Refreshments will be available to purchase on site.


The Orpheus Centre
North Park Lane

Telephone: +441883744664

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  • Saturday 12th June Open
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Orpheus Centre

The Orpheus Centre, North Park Lane, Surrey, Godstone, Godstone RH9 8ND, UK

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