Why Knot Art


Why Knot Art produces bright, colorful original pieces of art. We do not offer prints. Range of Photography from our world travels. Commissions also can be discussed and arrange we can turn people’s vision into a live creation and open a new world of creativity where anything is possible?

We are all a little bit quirky, just some of us try to conform to society’s beliefs and some of us buck against the system, i believe if you let the fear and the negative thoughts and stories go, don’t let anything hold you back,  you can create space to allow the positive thought of creativity to flow and connect back with your true self.

Within everyone is an artist trying to escape. My ultimate goal is to make you smile when you see my art and also encourage others to use art as a means of expressionism and freedom.


Work for sale
All art work and Photography for sale Starting from £10 to £700

Transport Details
Farnborough Train station 3 miles Frimley Train Station 1.5 Miles


Loen Cottage St. Catherines Road, Frimley, GU16 7NJ

Telephone: 07754894308

  • Saturday 5th June Open
  • Sunday 6th June Open
  • Monday 7th June Closed
  • Tuesday 8th June Closed
  • Wednesday 9th June Closed
  • Thursday 10th June Closed
  • Thursday 10th June (Evening) Closed
  • Friday 11th June Open
  • Saturday 12th June Open
  • Sunday 13th June Open
  • Monday 14th June Closed
  • Tuesday 15th June Closed
  • Wednesday 16th June Closed
  • Thursday 17th June Closed
  • Thursday 17th June (Evening) Closed
  • Friday 18th June Open
  • Saturday 19th June Open
  • Sunday 20th June Open

Why Knot Art

St Catherines Rd, Frimley, Camberley GU16 7NJ, UK

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Greg Ward

painting, drawings, Photography, Mixed Media