SAOS Young Artist Residencies

SAOS Young Artists in Residence at Libraries in Surrey

SAOS in partnership with Surrey Libraries and Farnham Maltings are delighted to be supporting five young artists to work with libraries in the county as part of Imagination Spaces: bringing cultural events to your library. Delivered by Surrey County Council and Farnham Maltings. Supported by Arts Council England.

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Camilla Aguais will be based at Egham Library

Colour, form and materiality are key threads of Camilla’s current practice. Whether through collage, printmaking, drawing or sculpture, paper takes a central role as both a surface and an object. Often creating a series of small pieces that together form a larger work, Camila’s practice explores how colours, edges, drawn lines and different textures can interact with each other within the composition. The most basic and iconic shapes, such as the circle and the square, can present her with endless possibilities. These works provide spaces for the viewer to contemplate the rhythms and movements of colour and shape. 

Camila will use the residency to develop current works, displaying them in the library, and to share her interest in colour with others by facilitating workshops.

Yun Xuan and Joey Toogood will both be based at Farnham Library


Yun Xuan

Yun Xuan is a MA Fine Art student at UCA Farnham. 

Her work will be based on handmade paper created from kitchen paper using mixed media and pigments. During her residency she will be creating paper and drawing lines on it, and then combining several pieces of paper in different colors to create a whole piece of work. There will be opportunities for visitors to make their own paper and take it home as a souvenir Yun Xuan will be developing her pieces at the library to create an installation for visitors to see and experience.

Joey Toogood

Joey is an abstract expressionist painter; she predominantly works with water based acrylic paint to create abstract marks and body prints through performance and action. She prefers to work in monochromatic colours as her art focuses on the process and the mark that is made rather than the overall outcome. She uses her art like a visual diary that documents issues or influences that surround her. Within her own works, she chooses to create art in the nude as a way to explore the concept of using the body as a painting tool and as a way to desexualise the female nude form in art.

During her residency, she will be creating abstract art by demonstrating different ways that marks can be made through a variety of mediums. Her intention is to encourage experimentation and offer others a new perspective on art; tests and happy accidents have the potential to create dynamic and exciting pieces.

Instagram account: jtoogood_art

Sophie Kathleen and Eli will both be based at Guildford Library

Sophie Kathleen (they/she) is a queer Illustrator/Artist who’s vibrant and often political work focuses on their passion for feminism, LGBTQ+ empowerment and taboo tackling subjects. She uses her art as her activism and aims to highlight the need for inclusivity and queer representation, especially within the creative industries. They aim to build community, promote equality and inspire others by sharing their work online and working with like minded clients as a freelance Illustrator.

During their residency Sophie aims to explore themes of identity and sexuality through new mediums and textiles on a large scale. Her workshops will be focused on community, self exploration and wellness and will be a safe and accessible space for LGBTQ+ people and ally’s.

Instagram: sophiekathleen




A fine artist with an expressionist edge inspired by the haunting, deviant vision of artists such as Egon Schiele and Francis Bacon, Eli seekz to deconstruct the tradition of the nude by portraying genderless, animalistic bodies, open to personal readings. Their fragmentary nature can at once call to the poetic, incomplete beauty of classical statues, and mirror the complex way we all relate to our own flesh and blood. Eli’s goal within this residency is to transform the library into an accessible artistic hub, forging a diverse space where anyone can reflect on their own identity and creativity, via a series of workshops which will culminate in a group exhibition.  

Instagram: eleanordel_belgique