Anna Louise Cox

Anna Louise Cox

I use organic materials gathered from local trees, such as seeds and leaves, sewing them onto canvas to create unique works of art. Further information about my work can be found on my website using the link below.

phone: 07498298254
facebook: annalouiseart/
instagram: annalouiseart
Area: Central Surrey
Price range: £20-£600 Mixed Media

Limited editions: Every artwork is signed at the bottom left-hand corner with a roman numeral, which is also included in the title, for example, ‘monoculture II’. Each time I make a new piece of artwork following the same design I include the ‘edition number’. Every new edition will vary slightly and each seed or leaf used will be unique and of its own colouration.

Longevity: All the materials I collect are sorted and dried before use. Collecting and storing plant materials is a practice that has been carried out for centuries by museums and herbariums and exemplifies how plant materials can be preserved for hundreds of years in a draw or frame, protected from natures elements. The hue and tone of the natural materials may subtly change over time, however, I consider this to be an inherent part of the artwork. Each piece is framed behind UV filtered glass to help minimise this possibility and I recommend not to display the artworks in direct sunlight.

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