Binu Chaudhary


I live in the beautiful county of Surrey in the UK and to have the brilliance of its landscape at my doorstep is truly inspirational. I started painting around twenty years ago with renowned Australian artist, Astrid Dahl who taught me to paint from my gut, unabashedly. She was (and still is) my mentor and a dear friend for almost ten years before I moved to the UK. Here I was so fortunate to have joined an amazing art community called Art Tribe run by Louise Fletcher whose two courses, Find Your Joy and Find Your Voice put me on a path from where I do not want to look back. Over the years my style has changed, as has the media I work with, but abstraction has always been a common theme. I create from memories, emotions and sensory experiences. I want to draw my audience into a visceral connection with my work. I was fortunate to have spent my childhood in a valley in the midst of the Himalayas and I often paint from what I remember from those days. Currently I am enthralled by the spontaneity of ‘mark-making’ using many tools along with pencils, charcoal, pastels, pigments - the list is endless. The process of making this type of art works really well with the themes that I choose where layer upon layer is laid down on wooden panels and then scratched back to reveal its history. I love the depth that this technique provides to my artwork and helps me communicate my inner voice.

Telephone: 07407862608