Promote your Studio

Image by Hannah Bruce, Woodland Walk.

If you are taking part in Open Studios you will need to promote your own studio to the public, as well as to your friends, family and other contacts. The SAOS team will promote the scheme as a whole with adverts in newspapers, magazines and journals as well as press editorial, but we rely on individual artists to promote the scheme in their area and to work with their area coordinator to create a strong local presence. Sometimes artists that have studios close together, organise a trail for visitors and encourage them to visit several studios in one day; this can be a great way to encourage new visitors.

You will be supplied with a range of marketing materials including balloons, posters, postcards, copies of the brochure and signage for your studio. You can use these materials to promote Open Studios in your area, by distributing the brochures and postcards to local shops, libraries, arts venues, dentists, parish notice boards and lots of other places. Your area coordinator will also be able to help suggest places and may ask you to take responsibility for topping up a venue when they run out of brochures. Here are some tips on how to promote your studio.

Marketing your Studio for Surrey Artists Open Studios

You can also contact your local newspaper with information about Open Studios in your area. They will be particularly interested in hearing about demonstrations and workshops that you may have on offer and don’t forget to send a photograph of yourself in your studio or of visitors taking part in a workshop. There is a press release that you can you use as a template to write your own; when you send the email to an editor make sure that you copy and paste your press release into the body of the email (do not add it as an attachment).


Some artists organise special events to launch their open studio, such as a private view, coffee mornings, gallery exhibitions and demonstration days. These are a really good way to widen your network of visitors, and encourage them to return in future years. Here are some ideas:

Top Tips for Open Studio Participants

Each area has a few banners that are used to promote Open Studios, if you have a prime location that you think might benefit from a banner then please get in touch with the SAOS coordinator. If you would like to purchase your own banner then you will need to use a template supplied by us, so that we maintain the branding and keep the style and logos consistent.