Caroline Rutter


Since discovering the beauty of Mouth Blown English glass at the Hartley Wood Factory in 1990 I have been exploring the visual possibilities of fused, painted and irridised art glass. I bring together my interest in painting and sculpture in working with 2 and 3 dimensional forms which play with light as only glass can. I have added Leatherworking to my skillset and am now working on ways to integrate Glass leather and wood. I am interested in the opportunities to recreate archaeological harness findings as well as finding new ways for the media to work together. I am excited this year to start developing my Rein Forest collection where I will explore ways of using endangered glass animlas and birds from the world's threatened rain forests to symbolise the impact the ever increasingly destructive impact of humanity upon our living planet. After experiencing a terribly severe accident in 2021 I am re-starting my glass work with an enhanced sense of the fragility and value of life. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my customers over the years who have encouraged me with such kind words (and purchases) over the years. My work will now be increasingly focused in an environmental direction as I use the glass I have accumulated over the years, stop buying any more raw material and limit my firings to when there are truly significant and beautiful pieces to be made.

Telephone: 01483 808314