Carolyn Daunt

Painter & Jewellery Maker

Carolyn Daunt is a graphic designer, illustrator and jewellery designer. Born in Kent and growing up in Ireland she graduated from Limerick School of Art and Design (LSAD) in Design Communications. She has recently returned to the UK after living and working in Asia Pacific Region, Australasia and Africa. Her design work has included consultancy for various United Nations Agencies as well as NGOs and private companies. Her work has covered a broad spectrum with branding and logo design being her speciality along with digital illustration and event marketing/decor. Since joining Reigate Art Studios she has been inspired by the local environment to create ink paintings of tree lines, landscapes and natural elements . Carolyn’s jewellery design focuses on creating beautiful treasured pieces from repurposed plastics. Inspired by nature the shapes created can bring to mind other worldly flowers or sea creatures.

Telephone: 07407713953