Colette Moscati

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Colette represents a fusion of her British/Italian and Singaporean heritage. Colette regards herself as both self-taught and a forever student in life. Her work is inspired by her experiences of people, places, or objects that bring her joy and she describes her genre as intuitive expressionism. A robust paint surface is very important to her choice of substrate as she adds techniques such as rag staining and pottery sgraffito with palette knives and brush ends to achieve results that give her satisfaction. She loves the challenge and mystery of abstract works. My process often starts with no agenda other than to lay paint - this varies between soak staining to multiple layering using a variety of different brushes, tools, cloths and my hands. I love subtraction too, using sgraffito techniques where I scrape, gouge and sand like a sculptor to reveal the underlying history of my own painting process. I find painting meditative, colour delightful, composition playfully frustrating and finally rewarding! I am predominantly inspired by mother nature and believe abstract painting allows me to produce work that is simple or complex or both, just like nature/life, but in a painted form. I also have a smart phone full of photographs of doors, gates and old boats, buildings and trees! So some of those references may appear in my paintings too".