Ellie Drake-Lee

Glass Artist

Ellie uses the traditional method of leaded stained glass to create contemporary and stunning art for outdoor spaces. She works in collaboration with an artist/blacksmith friend and her local forge who make the bespoke steel frames for her. She hand crafts her sculptures using traditional techniques, incorporating exquisite textured and beautiful coloured glass, giving a quality of depth and life as the weather, the seasons and the light change. Ellie is inspired by nature and the natural shapes and forms found within the botanical world. She loves the contradiction of working with brittle material like glass, to create soft, curvaceous natural forms. Every step in the creative process brings Ellie a sense of joy and positive well-being. Her art draws in the observer, instilling a sense of calm contemplation as the sculptures nestle in harmony with nature. Ellie has successfully exhibited her work in many prestigious gardens throughout Sussex including Borde Hill Gardens, One Garden, The Sussex Prairie Gardens and as a member of the Surrey Sculpture Society, will be in some exciting locations for the first time in 2023.

Telephone: 07754935928